Global, both inside and outside

We are a travel services distribution company who provides,through our multiple digital channels, extensive hospitalityproducts and ancillary services all around the world.Our inventory is created by our global team of professionalbuyers who source product specifically to serve our international client base.“We link the world” because we are global both inside and outside our company,offering the ability to connect your business to the world


From local to global

We have been operating for more than 20 years in local markets with a strong reputation in our core incoming market to Italy. We are now a Global business building inventory and buying core products in all markets. Using our new and advanced inhouse technology we can offer you everything you need to sell to the world.

A complete offer

Building on our reputation and strength in the hotel hospitality sector, we have now expanded our supply and distribution network of ancillary services all around the world, allowing us to our offer complete and unique experiences.

A new and efficient technology platform

We have an expert inhouse technology team dedicated to the continuous development of new tools for the digital acquisition and sale of travel services. We never stop innovating, because the travel world is constantly moving and we need to keep ourselves and our clients in step with it.


From the beginning our mission is to create valuable productsto distribute worldwide, using the most updated technology.To support this mission and our clients needs, we open localoffices in the most strategic places globally.

London  Madrid  Paris  Orlando  Beijing  Lugano  Geneva  Dubai

Venice  Rome  Milan  Genoa  Naples  Lecce  Messina  Florence


Our buying team has secured an inventory of approximately 50,000 directly negotiated hotels, carefully selected, in the top destinations all over the world.

We also offer instant on-line confirmation for worldwide ancillary services, always at the best available prices.

We distribute our products via API/XML through a vast digital network, consolidating cross selling partnerships with all of the world's top online technology and distribution companies.



Directly contracted hotels


Third party aggregated inventory


Hotels from chains


Ancillary services


Our new inhouse technology delivers a more efficient distribution of the full inventory of our products,meeting our customer needs:

Premium Partner:

Reliable system with uptime of 99.99%

Average response time of 500ms for returning searches, with prices and availability

Up to One trillion XML queries a day


The centre of our activity has always been to support our customers’ needsin a personal way. We have won repeated awards for our service in very recentyears and pride ourselves in maintaining this high level of personal service aswe continue to expand globally. We never close and offer our support 24hoursa day, 7 days a week 365 days of the year.

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